Summer Reading Book Club

Summer is just around the corner. After a long year of hard work, we know you and your students are looking forward to vacations, camps, and, most especially, summer reading. (Okay - probably not the last one.)

For years, parents have told us that summer reading is a source of tension in their households. Age, school, gender, and GPA don't seem to matter; even our most diligent students struggle to complete their assignments on time.

Summer reading ought to be fun, rewarding, and manageable. So we sat down with some of our tutors and created the Summer Reading Book Club.

We'll focus on three key goals throughout the sessions:
1) Complete assignments in a fun, social environment.
2) Enhance critical reading skills. 
3) Improve writing skills.

Class Breakdown:
- Groups of 3-6 students will meet weekly for six weeks, grouped according to school and grade so their reading assignments will be similar.
- During each session they will discuss the assigned reading, review an aspect of reading and analyzing literature, and work on an in-class writing assignment. 
- Assignments will build on each other and our tutors will provide written feedback on the essays.
- By the end of the six weeks, students will have completed three books and will have solid ideas about how to approach their school's writing assignment    
  while remaining compliant with schools' honor codes.

Click here to register, or you can email or call 844-786-5333, ext. 123 for more information.