College Level Services

Test Preparation for Graduate Admissions

  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • MCAT Physical Sciences
  • MCAT Verbal Reasoning
  • LSAT

Graduate Admissions Strategy

  • Scholarship & Grant Programs Research
  • Strategic Positioning for Acceptance to Special Programs
  • Graduate Application Assistance
  • Interview Preparation

Academic Consulting: Raise Your GPA

  • Subject Specific Tutoring
  • College Writing
  • Advanced Study Skills
  • Advanced Memorization Techniques
  • Speed Reading
  • Time Management & Academic Organization

Special Needs Consulting

Stoke Academic Consultants have experience helping students with a variety of challenges. Over 40% of the students we work with have been diagnosed with a learning disability.

  • Dyslexia
  • Autism Spectrum
  • Cognitive Processing Disorders

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College Level Success Stories


Leslie, freshman at Washington & Lee:

Leslie began working with Stoke Education as a senior in high school. Her initial ACT score, 26, wasn't high enough to get her into her top college, Washington & Lee, and the admissions deadline was just weeks away.

Her academic counselor helped Leslie earn a 32 on the ACT and secure a spot on the roster of WLU’s incoming freshman. But Leslie was still struggling, and she was placed on academic probation that same year. No matter how hard she worked, Leslie just couldn’t get her scores up. Discouraged, she reinstated contact with Stoke Education the summer before her sophomore year.

Once more, Leslie's academic counselor helped her identify the root issue—in this case, poor note-taking skills—and solve the problem. Leslie returned to WLU as a sophomore, went off academic probation, and now earns high B’s.

 Andrew, freshman at the University of Notre Dame:

Andrew was a strong student in high school but came to Stoke failing his first year of college. He was particularly struggling with philosophy, English, and history classes, as his academic writing did not reflect his critical intellect and reading comprehension skills.

Stoke Education started working with Andrew during the summer between his freshman and sophomore years. During six weeks of academic counseling, Andrew acquired the skills essential to academic writing. He returned to Notre Dame as a sophomore and has had no academic issues since

 **Note: Names have been changed to protect the identity of the students.