Results Sampling


Before & After Engaging with Stoke Education



“I got a 2290 and got into Kenyon with a $12,000 per year merit-based scholarship!"

~ SAT student (Class of 2011)

“I just wanted to let you know I got a 32 on my ACT! Thank you so much for everything. Man, I couldn’t have done it without you. You’re incredible … I’m taking you out to a steak dinner.”

ACT student (Class of 2012), after improving ACT score by 11 points

“I just wanted to let you know I made a 500% return in 6 months on my tutoring ‘investment.’ Not only did she get in, but her higher score qualified her for over $13,000 in additional merit-based scholarships! Thanks for all your help.” 

~ Parent of SAT student (Class of 2012)

“I got Star Student (highest SAT score on a single SAT in the whole school)! I get to go to a banquet and bring one of my teachers. Just thought I should let you know. Thanks for all the help!”

SAT student (Class of 2012)

“Scores are in ... 800 reading, 720 math, 800 writing!”

~ SAT student (Class of 2013)

“I came up 550 points. Thanks again for everything you’ve done!”

~ SAT student (Class of 2013)

“I really am pleased with my son’s 700 math score and 200 point overall increase, given his less-than-stellar testing history!”

~ Parent of student (Class of 2013)

“She got a 35! She’s very excited, and we are so grateful for your help in getting her such a great score. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!”

~ Parent of ACT student (Class of 2013)

“Just got word ... she got into both schools! We are so proud of her. Thank you so much for increasing her chances … could not have done this without your help ... thank you!”

~Parent of private school applicant

“I got a 29!”

~ ACT student (Class of 2013), after improving score by 7 points

“Reading 800, math 760, writing 770!”

~ SAT student (Class of 2012)

“I got a 34 on my ACT. Thank you!”

~ ACT student (Class of 2013), after improving  ACT score by 7 points

“Oh my … I’m freaking out. Thank you for all your help!”

~ SAT2 student (Class of 2012), after receiving scores of 750 and 800


High School Success Stories

Jacob, who has ADHD, used to believe, “I’m just not as smart as my older sister …”.

Jacob was an average high school student with an ADHD diagnosis; his older sister, a graduate of the same school, was an academic superstar who went on to study at Yale. Jacob’s sister’s accomplishments, well-known to the faculty and administrators of his high school, magnified his own insecurities about his academic performance. He wasn’t certain he would even qualify for the public university of his choice.

When Jacob came to Stoke, his academic consultant began instilling the fundamental academic competencies that would raise his SAT scores in math, reading, and writing. His performance improved steadily, yet Jacob’s self-confidence didn’t flourish until he raised his score by more than 250 points. Then, Jacob’s self-critical presumption that he simply couldn’t succeed in school finally evaporated.

Over the next three months, he and his academic consultant eventually raised Jacob’s SAT score by 690 points. His ranked shot from the 44th to the 96th percentile, and he was subsequently accepted into the college of his choice. More importantly, however, Jacob’s experience with Stoke enriched his own self-image; at last, he could recognize his own intelligence and ability.

Jessica was an above-average student whose ACT score didn't reflect her academic ability ...

A diligent student with solid grades, Jessica attended a private high school, where her peers and teachers saw her as a nice person of average intelligence. Jessica’s ACT score, 23, wasn’t high enough to qualify for admission to the competitive university she hoped to attend, however, and she came to Stoke with the modest goal of adding a few points to her score.

When she realized that Stoke offered a wholly supportive environment geared exclusively toward helping her achieve academic mastery, Jessica’s sense of self improved tremendously. Her ACT score went up by 3 points after just a few weeks of academic consulting, and Jessica realized that she could raise her score as high as she wanted to. Motivated largely by the desire to prove herself to her friends and teachers, Jessica drew inspiration from picturing how shocked they would be if she earned the top ACT score at her school—and she did. Ultimately, Jessica increased her score by 12 points, earning a 35 and landing in the top 99.7th percentile. Not only had she earned the highest score in her class, but Jessica changed everyone’s mind about who she was and what she was capable of achieving.

Jessica is now a freshman at the college of her choice.

Nicholas was a class valedictorian with an average test score.

Nicholas had always been a straight-A student, the obvious choice for class valedictorian at his large private high school. His SAT score, however, was just 1900—not nearly high enough for the extremely competitive university he hoped to attend. He knew he needed the absolute best in academic consulting to achieve his goals, so Nicholas came to Stoke. In the first four months, he raised his score by 430 points and jumped from the 85th percentile to the 99th. His final SAT score of 2230 was the highest in his class, and he easily gained admission to his university of choice.

 *Note: Names have been changed to protect the identity of the students. 

Middle School Success Stories

Michael, a 5th grader, is learning ancient memorization techniques for advanced academic competitions.

Michael, a 5th-grader and one of Stoke’s current students, is the son of a speech therapist who initially approached Stoke to meet fellow educators. However, Michael’s mother quickly realized that he could benefit from academic consulting. In 4th grade, Michael had performed so well in the National Geographic Geography that he advanced to the state-wide competition, where he earned 4th place; now, he wants to win the state contest and compete on the national level in Washington, DC. Stoke’s academic consultants have crafted a memorization strategy for Michael that draws on ancient techniques for oral recitations like Homeric poetry and the Bible. We’re confident Michael will win this year’s state competition and advance to the national level. 

Maggie, a 7th-grader, came to Stoke a strong student who was suddenly failing in math.

Maggie had always been a good student, so when her math grades fell drastically, her mother was confounded. A high-achiever, Maggie had always tested well, earning high A’s, and her family worried she might have lost motivation. One of Stoke’s academic consultants started working with Maggie for an hour and a half every week; after just four sessions, her scores returned to the high-B range and continue to improve. Her consultant realized that Maggie needed emotional support and recognition of her own ability in order to reestablish her mastery of complex mathematics. Maggie also learned how to penetrate the sophisticated concepts in her textbooks and study on her own. Everyone is convinced that Maggie’s on her way back to the top of her class.

6th-grader Brian is an excellent student with autism who needed help with testing.

Brian’s family brought him to Stoke when they learned that his ACT score didn’t reflect his natural ability. A gifted mathematician who also has autism, Brian had to take the test for an advanced math class. He earned a 16—a good score for a 6th grader—but Stoke believed he could do better. His academic consultant immediately targeted Brian’s perfectionistic tendencies, which were keeping him from moving from one test question to the next. Brian learned how to manage his compulsion, and now he tests well in every subject.

Ali, a 7th-grader with ADHD, kept getting rejection letters from the private school her whole family attended.

Ali was set on attending the same prestigious private school that graduated her brother and other members of her family, but her SSAT score was simply too low for this extremely competitive institution, which only admits students who score in the 80th percentile or higher. Ali was scoring around the 60th percentile, largely due to poor reading comprehension skills that were exacerbated by ADHD. Two intense years of tutoring with other agencies still hadn’t earned Ali admission, but it only took her Stoke academic consultant four weeks to get Ali's SSAT score up to the 84th percentile.

Ali finally earned the long-awaited acceptance letter, and today she maintains a B+/A- average. She has maintained her relationship with Stoke and receives our ongoing academic support.

*Note: Names have been changed to protect the identity of the students.

College Level Success Stories

Leslie is a freshman at Washington & Lee University.

Leslie couldn’t get into the college of her choice, Washington & Lee, with a 26 on the ACT, so she sought out Stoke Education for tutoring just a few weeks before the final testing deadline. With the help of her academic consultant, Leslie earned a 32 on her last ACT and secured admission to WLU.

However, Leslie’s grades slipped, and she was placed on academic probation during her freshman year of college. Once more, Leslie turned to Stoke, where an academic consultant spent three hours a week with her over the summer before her sophomore year, instilling foundational academic competencies like strong note-taking and study skills. Leslie went off academic probation almost immediately when she returned to campus, and today she earns high B's.

Andrew is a freshman at the University of Notre Dame.

Even though he had been an academic high-achiever in high school, Andrew was close to failing his freshman year of college at the University of Notre Dame. The amount of writing he was assigned in philosophy, history, and English courses was particularly challenging, as Andrew’s academic writing skills didn’t align with his reading comprehension and critical intellect. Over the summer, Andrew worked with an academic consultant at Stoke for 6 weeks, learning how to write at the collegiate level. His sophomore year has been successful, and Andrew is delighted with the positive outcomes he’s achieved with Stoke’s help.

*Note: Names have been changed to protect the identity of the students.