Middle School Services

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Academic Consulting: Raise Your GPA

  • Subject Specific Tutoring:  Math, Sciences, History, Literature, Languages
  • Essay Writing
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Advanced Study Skills 
  • Advanced Memorization Techniques
  • Speed Reading
  • Finding & Inspiring "Motivation" to Achieve
  • Time Management & Academic Organization

Test Preparation for Private School Admissions

  • ISEE
  • SSAT


Special Needs Consulting

Stoke Education's academic consultants are experienced educators who have helped students overcome a variety of challenges. More than 40% of  our students have been diagnosed with a learning disability.

  • Dyslexia
  • Autism Spectrum
  • Cognitive Processing Disorders

Contact Stoke Education today to discuss how we can help your child: 844-STOKE-ED (844-786-5333) or info@stokeeducation.com 

Middle School Success Stories


5th Grader, Michael: Learning Advanced Memorization Techniques for Academic Competitions

Michael, a bright and diligent 5th grader, is one of Stoke's current students. His mother specializes in early-childhood education and originally approached Stoke to meet fellow educators. However, she quickly realized that academic counseling could help her son achieve his goals.

As a fourth-grader, Michael did so well in the National Geographic Geography Bee that went on to compete at the state level, where he earned 4th place. Now in fifth grade, Michael's wants to win this year's state competition and compete on the national level in Washington, D.C. 

In order to prepare him for the state-wide test, Michael's academic consultants have adapted the memorization techniques that ancient civilizations created more than 2,000 years ago to maintain their oral traditions, including epic poetry and the Bible. We are confident that Michael will win the state competition and compete at the national level.

7th grader, Maggie: Good student suddenly struggling with math

Maggie's mother brought her to Stoke after noticing that Maggie was suddenly failing her math class. Maggie had always been a strong student, testing in the 90th percentile on standardized exams, and her mother was worried that her daughter had lost all motivation.

Stoke began counseling Maggie for an hour and a half every week; after 4 sessions, Maggie's math scores returned to the B+ range, and they continue to improve. Her academic consultant had uncovered Maggie's need for emotional support and begun boosting her self-confidence. Maggie also learned how to study effectively and grasp the sophisticated mathematical concepts covered in her textbook. Maggie, her mother, and we at Stoke believe that Maggie will eventually land at the top of her class.



6th Grader Brian:  Excellent Student with Special Test Taking Challenges

Brian is an extremely skilled mathematician with autism whose mother grew concerned when his test scores did not reflect his intelligence. As a sixth-grader, Brian had to take the ACT in order to quality for an advanced math class. Although he earned a 16 -- a good score for a 6th grader -- his mother was convinced he could do better.

After just three sessions with an academic consultant, Brian's ACT score improved by 4 points. His academic counselor had realized immediately that Brian's perfectionism was inhibiting his test performance; instead of solving a problem, Brian was over-thinking the question.

With his consultant's help, Brian developed several strategies for avoiding self-sabotage, and now he tests with more confidence in every subject.  

7th grader, Ali:  Reading comprehension challenges exacerbated by ADHD

Ali came to Stoke after spending two years trying to get into the same prestigious private school that her brother and several other family members had attended. The highly competitive school only accepts students who score above the 80th percentile on the SSAT. Ali's struggle with reading comprehension, which was exacerbated by ADHD, confined her to the 60th percentile.

More than one tutor tried to help Ali raise her test score before she came to Stoke, but when she arrived, she still hadn't reached the 80th percentile.

Yet after just 4 weeks with one of Stoke's academic consultants, Ali scored in the 84% percentile on the SSAT. Shortly thereafter, she received a long-awaited acceptance letter from the private school.

Now, Ali is a sophomore, continuing her family's legacy while earning a B+/A- average. She still works with Stoke to insure her academic success.


**Note: Names have been changed to protect the identity of the students.